Wild Luwak Coffee

Truly Wild - Gayo certified The world’s most rare and exclusive coffee

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The jewel of Sumatra
Above the equator, on the northern tip of Sumatra,
lies the province of Aceh, gifted with the ideal climate for the sourcing of the famous Luwak bean.
Once the bean is found it is taken through an immaculate process involving science, love and dedication to detail.
Every kilo is cupped by us to ensure you will only ever drink this elixir in its perfect state.
The Civet cat
The Civet is nature's finest coffee connoisseur.
This nocturnal, cat-like, mammal seeks only the coffee cherries at their peak ripeness.
Once ingested the Civet's enzymes enter the bean forever altering it, increasing smoothness and flavour, making it
one of the rarest and most desired coffee beans in the world.
Basero garantees that the coffee is being sourced from 100% truly wild animals and that no
animals are harmed during the production.

Flavour profile:
Experience the decadent chocolate and caramel aroma
with perfect sweetness accentuated by fruity acidity.
Brewing instuctions: French press or filter drip

Packed per 50g in a bag in a nice luxury packaging with ribbon.

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